the meaning of the blog…

“To blog or not to blog?” – that is the question I have been asking myself before starting this. So many people are doing this (and I have had a couple in the past), but I don’t want to start one merely because everyone else is.

What are the purpose of these? Excuse my seeming cynical nature, but I have some reservations. I can definately see why it would be helpful for a leader of a business/church/organisation/community to have a blog. The traditional idea of ‘community’ is fading (or already faded) in a huge part of todays world, and for a leader to share what is happening, or what is on their heart makes sense. Everybody can keep upto date, and feel part of this community to a new level through knowledge and this developing relationship with the leader through their openness.

However, why else would a blog be helpful? I know personally on this blog I am not going to be declaring my deepest darkest secrets to the world (or however few readers there actually are), I save those for my close friends over a starbucks! Even my minor secrets are unlikely to feature I’m afraid. And I’m unsure as to any positive effect that can come through this type of “bearing all” blogging. At first glance it must be great to get down your thoughts and feelings on paper for others to validate and comment on. But I feel that this may well show an insecure, possibly selfish attitude, eager for others to know what they need not know, so that I can get a few comments of encouragement to keep me going on for a few days.

Looking at this from a Christian perspective, as believers we need to find our security in God. We are children of God, loved unconditionally, eternally cared for and perfectly made. We need not seek assurance from other people, as our acceptance and validation comes from Christ. It is great to receive encouragment, and it is important to live an open life with some people in order to be able to help each other through life’s circumstances. But must we really plaster these circumstances all over the net for all to see?

Also, I would not want to write a blog in order to show the world what I WANT them to see of me, to create a representation of who ‘Ben Pocock’ is, which may not be true. Sometimes as I read blogs, I wonder whether what is being written is a true representation of how the person is doing or feeling, or whether it is being written to give a perception of the author that quite frankly isn’t true, but is trying to impress or prove a point to the community they are writing for.

Personally, I journal. This is a private place for me to write, nobody else to read it apart from myself at a later date. This is my place for private thoughts, feelings and emotions, not an open blog.

So after all this cynicism, why do a blog? Sorry if this has come out negatively, I’m just wary of some of blogging’s pitfalls. After all my previous thoughts, I have still decided to begin a blog and see how it pans out! I won’t write things that should be saved for close relationships, but I will write some things that God speaks to me about. I feel that often when God speaks to me, it can be helpful for others too. So by jotting these thoughts down on this blog, if others wish to read and gain from them too, then that’s wonderful. Also it is a place for me to store these teachings for possible future use if I am blessed to have an opportunity to share them with others

Thanks! Ben


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